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Japan Health Research Promotion Bureau (JH)

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Research projects supported by JH (2020)

The development of an analytical method for measuring COVID-19 antibody in serum

  • Principal researcher: Akinobu Hamada
  • Division of Molecular Pharmacology
  • National Cancer Center Japan

Establishment of research infrastructure for single-cell spatial pathogenomics

  • Principal researcher: Koji Okamoto
  • Division of Cancer Differentiation, National Cancer Center Research Institute
  • National Cancer Center Japan

Establishment of hospital-to-hospital based health care transition system for adolescents

  • Principal researcher: Mitsuru Kubota
  • The chair of Department of General Pediatrics & Interdisciplinary Medicine
  • National Center for Child Health and Development

Construction of the shared educational platform for Six National Centers

  • Principal researcher: Yukihiko Washimi
  • National Center Hospital
  • National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology

Genetic Analysis for National Center Biobank Network Resource with Drug Allergy History

  • Principal researcher: Katsushi Tokunaga
  • Central Biobank, National Center Biobank Network
  • National Center for Global Health and Medicine

Joint research project by 6NC utilizing disease registry on mental health issues throughout the life course

  • Principal researcher: Kazuyuki Nakagome
  • Board of directors (Chairman)
  • National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry

Research for predictive preemptive medicine using pre-medical lifelog data and health checkup

  • Principal researcher: Yoshihiro Miyamoto
  • Director General, Open Innovation Center
  • National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center

Project to develop a nation-wide genomic diagnostic platform and long-term survivorship support for patients with childhood, adolescent and young adult cancer

  • Principal researcher: Tatsuya Suzuki
  • Department of Hematology, National Cancer Center Hospital
  • National Cancer Center Japan

Epidemiological study on Covid-19 among the staff of national centers

  • Principal researcher: Tetsuya Mizoue
  • Director of Department of Epidemiology and Prevention, Center for Clinical Sciences
  • National Center for Global Health and Medicine